Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Womens Worth

A Woman's Worth

If only she knew
how beautiful she is...
both inside and out
she'd know how
not just i but
how even the strangers in her presence
truly see her

if she could only feel
about herself
how i feel about her
everyone around her
feels about her
she'd know
exactly how loved she is...

gets lost in
misguided compliments and
knows only those who
give her the attention she craves and
in return she
bares her body
not realizing the beauty of her
mind and soul

she's empty...
not able to feel what real love is
through all of the
that she's encountered

if she
only knew
her true worth

if she
only knew the value
that not man but God
has placed on her life...
if she could feel something
other than the many hands that have
force-fed her iniquities
with their
shallow promises and
ill intentions

if she only knew...
that the attention she seeks was
already there
she would have never
fallen into the hands
of a world that loves to see us fail...
that loves when our women
demean themselves because it
gives them permission
to continue the trend...

if she would only
open her eyes to her surroundings
open her heart to some real truth
open her mind that she may think for herself
open her mouth to speak up and say
will I be subjected to this pain...
self destructive path
for I choose life
before I lose it completely

Wake up my beautiful are far more than your physical attributes.

© 2012 Don Savant, Real Writing

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Surround yourselves with like-minded people. When I say that, I don't mean the ignorant ones. Ignorance takes no talent, it takes no thought, it is mindless in every way possible. Keep people around you that challenge your intelligence, that make you think better, act better and do better. People that have ideas that are similar to yours.

If you are trying to accomplish something and you look around only to see others doing the same exact thing, you cannot assume that you will be more successful at it than they are simply because of who you are. You must learn them, learn their resources, their clientele and try to build yourself based on adding a new or different element to what you're doing so that people will choose you over them. You always have to stay relevant in any field that you're trying to make a name for yourself in. It's all a part of your branding process. Your name should be synonymous with what you do.

Always stay competitive, even if you're the only one in your market. Stay focused, stay positive and never let anyone tell you what you can't do.

Let's go!!!

~DonSavant Registered & Protected

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


What God has for me is for me, and there is no one or nothing on this Earth that can keep me from it but me. Now, I've personalized this because it that's what it is, personal. The things that happen between you and God are just that. He brings you through things to give you a testimony. You may then use that testimony to inspire others that may be going through something similar. Your testimony also gives you an appreciation for the things that you've been through that are now a part of your past.

To me that's the ultimate motivation. It's always been said that trouble doesn't last forever. In order to see for yourself that this is true, you have got to give whatever it is you're going through to God so that He can work it out for you. Trying to face your troubles on your own does nothing but prolong them. Always remember that as you're on your journey through your life, on your personal walk with Him. He will always lead you the right way. Trust that if you trust nothing else.

Much Love,

Don Savant Registered & Protected

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Frustrations: Letting Go

I believe with all my heart in Luke 6:31 - Do to others as you would have them do to you. I find it difficult to uphold this within my current situation because I'm having to deal with someone who is blatantly disrespectful on every level, is extremely contradictory and is demeaning to everyone that he encounters. In the case of this particular situation, I try to live by Matthew 5:39 - But I tell you, Do not resist an evil person. If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.

Anger and revenge are two of the easiest ways to deal with undesirable situations but...I've learned that life is not about what is easy. Anything worth having is most definitely worth working for. I believe this with all my heart. It is because of this that I try to remain positive through everything that comes my way. It is the only way to truly grow and prosper.

I'm not saying that everything you do will be difficult or is designed to be that way but, usually if things do start to become that way, it's one of life's many endurance exercises designed to teach you how to overcome and continue to move forward.

Stay prayed up, call on God during your good and bad times, and always let Him deal with your struggles. Do these things and all will be well. I love y'all. Be blessed and prosperous.

-Don Savant

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


In the Mist of pain, it is absolutely important not to forget your creator. Many people do not realize that God has our life mapped out from the day we were born, rather you believe it or not. We go through things for a reason, we just have to figure out the reason why ourselves. If God himself cast down blessing after blessing, and we never see any struggle, or pain, then we would not grow to appreciate anything. Currently I am going through a struggle myself, but I wake up every morning rejoicing and glad that I am here another day. So many people wake up not knowing that it is there last. The worst feeling in the world is losing someone without saying goodbye. Every chance you get a simple smile can change the lives of millions. Think about it, if you impact one person, that person will impact someone else and so forth. Seriously, it is time to wake up and appreciate the things you have and the people that are in your life. Tomorrow is not promised, so live today like there is no tomorrow, because one day it will hold true. The one mistake you can make, is hindering yourself from your blessings because of what someone else did. This is why we losing so many people in our churches because sister or brother so and so did this and that. SOO WHAT!! Did you do it with them? Trust can be a huge issue in peoples lives because their looking for acceptance, and once they are let down, them shame on the world right? NOO! It do not work like that! Stay true to yourself and know that people on going to do whatever! You are not held accountable for their actions, only your own. Seek God yourself, it is ultimately up to you and him. Yes it is heart breaking seeing pastors let you down, but the word of God is still spoken, so take it in and be glad your living correct. In due time those who deceives the Lord will reap what they sow. It may not happen when you want it to, but it will happen in due time. I love you enough to send this message of warning. If you do not get your act together you will fall short of the glory! In the mist of pain, CELEBRATE knowing there is a God that will see you through!

~Regina Stevens

REMEMBERREMEMBER Registered & Protected

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bully (A Poem Written by Don Savant)


When you're growing up
You experience life...
And you learn that
Everyone that calls you friend
Really isn't and
Everyone that swears you're an enemy
Never gave themselves a chance to know you

There's always been that
Metaphorical beast in your life from
Your first days on the playground
Until you've grown and gone corporate

Kids are
Pushed down in the sand box and
Kicked at the playground

Teenagers are
Pressured into sex and
Drugs and
Different types of sex and
More types of drugs

Adults are
Ridiculed and
Talked down upon and
Treated as inferior
By those who are a few rungs higher
On that corporate ladder but

No matter
Who you are or
What your age may be
A Bully
Is a Bully and
Speaking directly for self I
Plan to stand on my own from this day forth
and claim my independence
From the world...
The biggest bully of all

Stand up and be who you are regardless of who talks about you or what someone may try to do to or against you. Stay strong in your faith and continue your forward progression no matter what.

-Don Savant Registered & Protected

Saturday, August 13, 2011

*EXCLUSIVE* A Mother of a Pregnant Teenager


My name if Dianne Keenan. I am the mother of three children. I have twin girl, their name is: Regina and Katina. Regina became pregnant at the age of 15. I was devastated, but I told her that she was still going to go to finish school. I was a single parent at the time, working swing shifts. Trying to keep food on the table and keep a place to stay. Regina had to go on home bound because it was almost time for her to have the baby. She had a teacher to come to the house, so she would not get behind in her grades. When it was time for her to have the baby, I felt like I went in labor too. I felt like my water broke, going back and forth to the bathroom. By Regina being young as she was, having a baby she was just like an older women. She did not scream or anything during labor. If anything she started laughing. I thought that was crazy even though I was about to cry. She is a great mother and I never had to buy pampers or clothes for the baby unless I wanted to. I heard the baby cry one night and I went to see what was wrong; she told me to go back to bed. She said this because little nick was her responsibility, so I went back to bed.  When she went to the twelfth grade she and her twin sister were pregnant at the same time. This was Regina’s second pregnancy. Oh my God it was rough. Again I was devastated. Working swing shift, twelve hours, four days on, and three days off was hard. Having to take them to the doctor at different times was insane. It was not easy when I started working third shift either. Regina had her baby first, so she had to go on homebound again! She then went back to school so she could graduate. Katina was still pregnant at the time of graduation. Even though I had other plans for my girls, they both are great mothers. I asked if they had to do it over again would they have children. They both told me yes! Regina has three boys and Katina has two boys and a girl. They all are a blessing. I love all of them. They both are working and going to college. They both own their own home. So even though they were young when they had their children they have it all figured out. God has gotten us all through some rough times.
By: Dianne Keenan

Hi! Regina here; although my sister and I agreed that we would still have our children if we did it all over again, does not mean it is okay to have children at a young age. I want to clarify the statement because many people would misinterpret it. Knowing that my boys made me who I am, I could never say that I would not have them because they are here, and it is too late to turn back. I would find it hard to shallow when I tell my kids I wish I would have waited. On the other hand I know if I did wait, I would have so much more to offer them. It is not easy being a teenager mother because everything changes. I would have prepared my life to be more stable, but I had to do what I had to do to make sure that they were taken care of. My priorities shifted and any selfish thought of myself was thrown out the window. Many mothers choose to continue to think only of themselves and have not figured out that they have a little one to take care of. No teen should have children, but I know my children were not mistakes. Now I am here to warn everyone else of their selfish acts and think of everyone that could be affected by your choices. My mother had to suffer because of my actions, and this was not fair for her. Think about your actions, only you have the control to make smarter and wiser decisions.
By: Regina Stevens Registered & Protected